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Tri-City Used Cars & Parts is your local used car dealer located in Auburn, Michigan. We buy and sell used vehicles that are either in the worst possible condition, or are still in pretty decent condition. Some vehicles are purchased for parts, others to be re-sold and driven again. Come visit us today to see what vehicles we have on the lot.

We have a large selection of scrap cars. If you own an old, junky car that isn’t doing you any good sitting on your property – sell it to us. If your car isn’t worth fixing, it may be worth selling to a scrapyard for money. You might be surprised just how much your car is worth! We will buy any make or model, year, car, truck or SUV; we believe it’s all worth something. We want to recycle the metal, keep any valuable parts, and make your life easier by taking the vehicle off your hands. Remember, that old junky car isn’t doing you any good in your driveway – it only serves as an eyesore. Let us take it off your hands!

We are your local auto parts store and repair shop buying any and all junk or salvageable vehicles, and selling quality, used auto parts and used cars at affordable prices. We also have a full-service auto repair shop in house. Tri-City Used Cars & Parts is your one stop shop for all your vehicle needs.

We Are Located At:

57 Wheeler Rd
Auburn, Michigan 48611

We Are Open:

M-F 9-5
Sat 9-3

For more information on our products and services, contact us today at (989) 662-4360.

This place is great, if you can’t handle mud and dirt….don’t work on cars….they have always had everything I’ve needed. The guys that work there are great. Don’t call and ask if they have what you need, go there and check for yourself.
Robin S.

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